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Remotely protecting children from dangerous online activities

Uncensored internet access is the greatest threat around the home that is less child-friendly. The quest to ensure that our children aren't exposed to the very worst content, ideas and behaviour that exists online tops the list of parents’ desires for their children to stay safe always, anywhere. A combination of dual purpose monitoring and blocking software which would enhance parental control helps to make the lives of parents much easier especially in ensuring the safety of their children online. Best parental control tools enhance the safety of children online.


There are parental control applications that would enable you to set rules and time schedules, block pornography, dangerous game websites, known child unfriendly websites and other unsuitable contents.

Common features of parental control online applications

Social media protection

Lockdown on time limitations

Protect children from cyber-bullying and online threats

Inability for kids to tamper with settings on their computers and phones

Kid’s inability to uninstall protection software on their computers and phones

Protect and monitor children always even when they are away from home

Ability to send feedback to parents in form of sms or email

Lockout children from identified websites


Classification of online parental control software

There are free parental control softwares as well as paid premium parental control softwares.



Webshadow is a non-profit organization that has developed the software to to help parents monitor their child’s web activity so they can guide them better. Webshadow monitors online activities of all users on the phone or personal computers where the application is installed. It keeps track of the website your child has visited. It can also send you real time alert on your email or mobile if your child is browsing unsafe searches or websites such as Porn, Drugs, Alcohol, Gambling or Social Networking.


Webshadow does not block specific websites, instead it monitors browsing activities and give you instant alert and daily report of your child’s browsing activities. The software and membership subscription are completely free of charge as at the time of this article. 


Initial set up:

  • Create an account. Go to  and sign up for an account for Free.
  • Create a child’s account. Create username and password for your child's access.
  • Once you signed up, it will ask you to download the software. (note that you will only need to install the software on your child’s computer or the computer you want to monitor)

Note: Once installed, you will not be able to browse anything on the internet until you login as a Parent or as a Child. If you are logged in as a Parent, your browsing activities will not be tracked. If you want to start tracking, you will have to log in on a child’s account.
If you are downloading this on a mobile device such as iOS or Android, you will need to go to the App store. 

How to use your webshadow account:


  • You may now set up alerts and add children account on your Webshadow account. 
    • Detailed Report will display your child browsing activities. 
    • If you wish to add more children account
    • click on My Settings on the left panel
    • then click My Children
    • Enter your child’s name and password
    • Click the “Add New Child”
    • Go to Reports & Alerts if you want to set up Instant Alert on your email or mobile
  • Important Notes:
    • On Windows, once installed, it works out of the box. Any time you open a browser, it will ask you to login. you will not be able to browse anything on the internet until you login as a Parent or as a Child. 
    • On Android, you will need to download it from the Appstore, It works as a new browser - so if you use other browsers it will bypass Webshadow. So you also need Smart App Block to block other browsers.
    • On iPhone, you will need to download it from the Appstore, It also works as a browser, so if you use Safari it will bypass Webshadow. So you need to use parental restrictions to disable Safari and remove all other browsers. 

Paid Parental control softwares

Screen Time Parental Control

Screentimelabs developed Screen Time, a free parental control software which lets you manage the time your kids spend on their personal computers and smart phones.


Features of screen time parental control

Screen Time has an app timer that lets you set a daily time limit on the apps you want to restrict

Block games at bedtime, but allow reading apps

Block all apps when your children ought to be asleep

Block social apps and games, but allow educational apps during school hours

Time for lunch? Push a button on your phone, and your kids will be timed out from their devices. No more begging, bribing, or shouting!

Kids used up today's Screen Time? If they tidy their room you can reward them with bonus time from the convenience of your own device. Add as many different tasks and chores as you like - you'll be amazed how your kids start to manage their time responsibly!

What's Chubby doing on his device? What web sites is he visiting? What apps is he using? What apps is he spending most time on? Keep track of what they are up to from the convenience of your own device.

Block certain apps completely. Get an alert whenever your kids install a new app

 Completely deprive your children from installing new apps


Screen Time Premium

Screen Time is free to use to monitor your family's devices for as long as you like. When you first setup Screen Time you get a 14 day free trial of Screen Time Premium which allows you to manage and limit your family's device usage. After your trial you can continue to use Screen Time Premium with monthly subscription.

Norton Family

Protection for your kids when they're using social media

Its creators would really like you to subscribe to the paid-for Premier version, but the free edition of Norton Family is an excellent tool to support you in protecting your kids online.

You can block inappropriate web content and monitor the kids' online activities, see what they've been searching for and how often they've been on Facebook (and whether they're using a fake name or age), ensure they don't accidentally give out personal information, and lock down your internet connection at specific times.